It's Always your turn in this fast paced science fiction skirmish wargame

Welcome to the Human Sphere, the intergalactic expanse now populated by various networks of Human Federations. 150 years into our future, Humans are divided into a number of powerful, space-faring federations. All are vying for supremacy, drawn inevitably into conflict over resources, living space and power. The PanOceanians are most powerful, with territories spanning Earth and other planets throughout the galaxy. Hot on their heels are the New Asian Yu-Jing Empire, commanding a considerable economic power. The Haqqislam, a society founded on a new interpretation of the Koran's precepts, have developed a coveted new drug that can preserve and regenerate human tissue. On the fringes of the Sphere are the Ariadna, a once forgotten colony of European nations stranded on a hostile but mineral-rich planet. The Nomads are a free and independent society, founded on the backbreaking labour of former prisoners, now the leaders of a powerful anti-authoritarian movement that threatens the very foundations of the Sphere. The Aleph is a 'race' of post-human, sentient beings spawned from their powerful Artificial Intelligence. The Tohaa are an ancient civilisation seeking alliance with the Humans. While all should be very concerned about the Combined Army, determined to overtake any civilisation necessary to find their path to enlightenment. Meanwhile, all across the Human Sphere, mercenaries make great profits as privateers and Bounty Hunters.


Infinity features some of the best 28mm scale metal miniatures money can buy. Each has their own unique character and covers a wide variety of science fiction tropes and influences.


Most Miniatures are packaged individually in blister packs, complementing  a large range of entire units sold in box sets. This combination not only enables you to pick up a competitive army quickly, but also swap and change with relative ease.

Terrain is a huge feature in Infinity Games, with plenty of manufacturers offering a wide range of high quality buildings, scatter terrain and gaming mats made from all manner of different materials. Brands include manufactures like Micro Art Studio, Plast Craft Games and 4Ground.


Infinity is a tabletop skirmish wargame where two players pit small specialised teams of soldiers against each other.


Each side is composed of around five or six models, chosen based on point values. Games are played on a 3x3' play area and are generally in very busy urban environments involving large amounts of scenery.


A unique aspect of Infinity are the way individual units can react to the game in play. A common statement among Infinity players is that it's 'always your turn' with each of your soldiers having the ability to make some sort reaction when your opponent moves, takes a shot or activates an ability. This not only keeps game play fast, but promotes tactical thinking and keeps downtime to a minimum.


There are heaps of options for gamers looking to get started with Infinity. From large 2-player box sets to smaller starting forces and even whole army sets full of points and variety.



While official rules for Infinity can be found for free Online, Corvus Belli also sell beautifully constructed paperback rulebooks full of great background and artwork - perfect for the collector.


Scenery is a huge part of Infinity, and there's plenty of options available in the market. Additionally, there are also heaps of tokens and markers available to help speed up play.


Visit the Corvus Belli official website to find out more information.

The Combat Company  stocks everything you need for Infinity at a competitive price with free shipping over $150AUD and $250NZD



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